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13 Freakn Cheap Things To Do For Mom

DisclaimerYes, I have an Amazon Affiliate link so I get a small kickback from your purchases. This helps me feed my minions and not live in a van down by the river.

13 Things To Do for Mom that won't cost you your entire Fortnite budget:

  1. Just clean ANYTHING bonus points for Clean the bathroom(s)
  2. Do the damn dishes
  3. Cook her dinner
  4. Clean up AFTER cooking dinner
  5. Pour her a glass of wine
  6. Make her coffee and bring it to her in bed
  7. Do the laundry
  8. Write her a thank you note
  9. Run her a hot bubble bath
  10. Let her sleep in!
  11. Send her a text message telling her why is your favorite person
  12. Rub her feet
  13. Buy her a Snarky Freakn Tee from us. Shop the entire collection here

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This is how we Kick Today in the Dick! May the Force be with you!

By changing our life One Day at a time with One Thing at a time.

Thank you, Naomi, Founder, Owner of Fashion Freak LLC

The Perfectly Flawed Suburban Punk Rock Mom Living The Okayest Badass Life


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Midwest Rebel Punk Moms unite in the pursuit of life on their term unapologetically. Naomi Wierby, Fashion Freak LLC Apple Valley, MN

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