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4 Reasons Why Living Intentionally Will Make You Happier

4 Reasons Why Living Intentionally Will Make You Happier

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Over the course of my years, I'm the ripe old age of 41, at least for another month, age has taught me one thing that I couldn't understand when I was younger. Living an Intentional Life is a much more rewarding way to live and love. Don't get me wrong, I am still a VERY spontaneous person. But sometimes doing random things only brings temporary joy. And like you, I'm in this life for the long haul.

Here are four reasons why choosing to live with intention will make you happier:

  1. You will have less clutter in your home (because you're not buying all of the things)
  2. When your home has fewer things in it, it is less for you to clean. Fewer things to figure out where to put them. It frees the mind so you don't have to see all of the crap in your way. Because literally there will actually be fewer things in your way! Say goodbye to piles of crap sitting around your house that you have no clue where to put because you are out of storage! 

  3. You will have more money (because you're spending it on intentional purchases versus spontaneous crap)
  4. Money is a main stress point in people's lives. We often worry about not having enough, how to make more money, etc.

    One way to "have more" money is by NOT spending the money on crap we really do not need! This ties together with the point number above. If you take the time to plan out your purchases, you are simply buying with intention.

    How many times have you bought too much fresh produce because you were going to change the way you eat, only to throw it out a week (or two) later because it is rotten?

    Been there done that.

    How many items of clothing do you have hanging in your closet with tags on it? If you're like (the old) me, I'm willing to bet you've got quite a few. You spent how much on those items, and NEVER wore them?

    Instead of buying that dress that you're not going to wear, save your money and plan out what you're going to wear. I've come to terms with the fact that I am NOT fancy, I do not need 20 fancy dresses. I've eliminated my need for those.

    I am a t-shirt and jeggings/leggings/jeans type of mom and THAT is how I roll! Did I mention that Fashion Freak carries a fabulous house brand of leggings?

    Buying with intention will save you money because you will only be buying things you will actually use! 

  5. You will have more time (because you will only be doing the things you actually WANT to do)
  6. So many times we say YES to things we really do not want to do AND we don't have time to do it either. 

    If you feel dread when you think about going to do the thing you said yes to, that's your body telling you, Nope, you don't need to do this. 

    Now don't confuse dread with fear! 

    Don't stop pushing yourself to do the things that scare you!

    But if cousin Michelle invited you to the family reunion and you dread the thought of going and being asked the same question over and over again "when are you having kids?"

    "When are you getting married?"

    "Why do you swear so much?"

    "How come we don't see you more?"

    "Why do you have to have pink hair? You look so much nicer with your natural color."

    You don't have to go to those things. You don't have to explain yourself. You don't have to subject yourself to their opinions.

    Their opinions don't make you bad! 
  7. You will be healthier mentally (because you are clearing your mind of the shit thoughts, random crap that doesn't mean anything anyway)
  8. By saying NO to more of the things you don't want to do, you are going to start to feel much better. Surround yourself with people that are going to lift you up.

    Say NO to the people that tell you what they think you should be doing.

    Say NO to the people that only think they know you.

    Seeing you once every 5 years at a family function doesn't give ANYONE the license to tell you how or who to be.

    And maybe they should keep their damn mouth shut! 

    Even for those of us with the "My Give A Fuck Broke" mindset broke, hearing people cut you down doesn't go over well on the positive mindset. You have to work so much harder at keeping positive.

    Stay positive and avoid the shit that drags you down.

    Go to the park and ride your bike

    Go to the gym and lift the weights

    Go to the punk rock show

    Take the class on how to basket weave

    Do the things that help you grow!

    Your haters can watch you.

And really so you know, I consider myself more of a young at heart, more like an eight-year-old boy that tells weenie, poop, and fart jokes on the school bus to make friends kind of person, but actually I am a 41-year-old semi-productive, ultimately-happy, satisfied mom that also swears more than a 100 man construction crew. 

Do you live with intention? What is one thing that you have changed to make your life more intentional? Leave a comment.

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With Punk Rock Love, Naomi

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