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How I keep my hair so vibrant and Hot Pink AF all the time

DisclaimerYes, I have an Amazon Affiliate link so I get a small kickback from your purchases. This helps me feed my minions and not live in a van down by the river.

Maintaining Vivid Hair colors without cold showers

So about 2 years ago, I decided I wanted to go back to having vibrant, fun hair color. It was kind of random & spontaneous. Go Figure right? If you know me, you're might be laughing because I just do things. I don't think about them too long, I just do it. Sometimes dangerous, sometimes exciting, sometimes it works out great and sometimes it's a complete shit show of why did I do that.

You live, you learn. 

Now I hadn't gone into a salon in quite some time. I was on the hunt for a new, closer to my home salon. I don't have a lot of time in my schedule. Coloring hair is a time dedication. And like I mentioned above, I am pretty spontaneous. So I decided to try the local Fantastic Sams.

All Reasons I chose my local Fantastic Sams:

  • They accept walk-ins
  • Provide coloring services!
  • Relatively budget-friendly
  • Large selection of talented stylists
  • Usually, their wait time is minimal. (You can check the Google machine to see what peak times are and avoid those.)

Perfect for me!

I don't usually color my own hair at home but I did do it once recently when I was crunched for time. I used ion Color Brilliance Permanent Brights Flamingo. Like I said I only did it at home because I was crunched for time. I much prefer to get to the salon and let the professionals pamper me. 

Permanent Brights Creme Hair Color Flamingo by ION (Amazon Affiliate Link) 

 After coloring my hair with the lighter, pastel pink used above, I decided to let it washout. I did use Viral to hold the color but ultimately, the ion color didn't hold as long as I wanted. Maybe it was the preprocess I used to lighten, who knows. I am NOT a professional! To help stop color fade, I tried both of these products:

Light Pink Color Depositing Hair shampoo Color depositing hair conditioner - light pink

The Keracolor Clenditioner is good if you want to keep light PASTEL COLORS! It doesn't seem to work as well with vivid, vibrant colors. Let me know if you have had luck with vivid colors using Keracolor. Drop a comment. 

After my pastel color faded out and I had more time, I went into the pros. This is when I switched it up to HOT PINK hair. So far it has been the easiest for me to maintain over a long period of time. I wanted vivid pink but I wasn't going to sacrifice my shower relaxation time! Using Celeb Luxury Viral Colorwash has allowed me to maintain my color:

  • Still take HOT SHOWERS (others recommend cold showers to help the color last - I wasn't about to go that route)
  • Longer time between appointments (I only go in every 3-4 months to touch up my roots - I should go sooner but time is limited)
  • My color stays VIVID with washing every 2-4 days; my color has barely faded.

Ok, so currently I am using Celeb Luxury Viral Colorwash and Colorditioner. You don't have to use both. I don't always use both. Using one or the other works just fine too. To make the bottles last longer, because it is on the more expensive side, I will use a small dollop mixed with my color-safe regular shampoo. I make sure that I don't use too much at one time either. A smaller amount will work fine. I also missed the lathering, that's just a psychological thing to make me feel like my hair is actually getting clean. 

Hot Pink Color Wash  Viral Hot Pink | Magenta conditioner for vibrant hair color

I hop into the shower. I wash my hair first. Leaving the shampoo to sit in my hair while I wash my body and shave body parts. The longer you leave in the more color will deposit into your hair. I leave in it for about 5-10 minutes depending on how much of a Yeti I am at that time... (leg shaving day).

Illustrates how long to leave the shampoo/conditioner in for best results

Please note that my base color (after the lightening process has NEVER been completely platinum)! 

A few other awesome things about Celeb Luxury products: 

  1. They are 100% Vegan!
  2. They are sulfate-free!
  3. They are cruelty-free!
  4. They can be mixed and matched to create a custom color! 

Let me know in the comments, if you have tried these products and if you can share a photo of your beautiful face!! Thank you so much for reading this far!! 

Make sure to Kick Today in the Dick!! 

May the Force Be With You!


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