The Reason Why I Post Stupid Shit on Facebook aka Ranting Occasionally

November 07, 2019 2 min read 0 Comments

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Sorry Not Sorry. I use Facebook as my brain dump place. My post this morning started out with this "I have to get the shit out of my head this morning, and posting it on FB is my release. I see it in my memories and the future me appreciate the current me getting it out."

"...the future me appreciates the current me getting it out."
  1. When we are amidst "show" season, I get 3x more stressed out because I feel like I can't control my business budget AND our family budget. I feel like too much cash is going out and I don't have time to keep tabs on it. EVEN with Profit First running my life. (Profit First has changed our lives in so many ways and I preach it to others)
  2. Listening to Punk Rock cranked at 6am to get the crap out of my head helps but I'm not sure my minions like it. Listen to more music, it cures the soul.
  3. I am fucking GOOD ENOUGH, but really I am way more gooder than I believe most times. And what people think and stereotype me as... (yes, I meant way more gooder because that's just how we talk in our home, it's a joke so relax)
  4. Tell your kids they are REALLY awesome at the awesome things but also let them know that sometimes shit sucks and it's how you deal with it that makes life better. Not everything they do will be good but they can choose BETTER next time. That's the difference, that is how we take control of our own damn life and keep on keeping on. How to keep on chasing wild dreams.
  5. I've got to run to Target to find something that I *NEED* to print the new things... I will only buy that ONE thing... says every person entering Target.

Listen to more music, it cures the soul.

As Facebook seems to be going in the direction of more antisocial media, the one good thing about FB is the memory keeping that is available to us. I value that piece. Stop watching your friends on social media and actually GO DO SOMETHING with them. Make the people in your life your priority. Do the things, Live the life you dream about. Stop watching it on social media. Make the memories and post them for the future you to see when you're too old or too broken to do the things. OR when you feel emotionally broken, use it to remind yourself that you are amazing.

 With Love & Laughter, Naomi always feeling like an outsider looking in.

I'm aware that my grammar is not stellar. Look past that and understand the message before criticizing it.