Fashion Freak is searching for Brand Reps. We are looking for a diverse group of like minded Punk Rock Moms or sarcastic AF women to represent our brand.

What is a Brand Rep?

A brand rep is an ambassador that promotes and shares laughter, empowerment, smartassery, fuckery, and a shit ton more through Freakn Tees & more. Brand reps receive a 35% off discount on all merchandise, get free stuff each month, and a discount code to share with their friends & family.

Here's how it Freakn works:

Share our Freakn Tees & more on your social media channels. You'll receive a unique code that you can share with friends, family, and your followers. You'll receive a 35% off discount during your term. If accepted, you will enter a month-long trial period with all of the perks. After the trial period, we will check in to see if you want to stay on with us! 


If you're Freakn ready, click here to apply.